Aloha Aquatic Center was founded in Hawaii seventeen years ago by the mother/daughter team Kathi and Jennifer MacDonald. They relocated to Las Vegas and opened Aloha Aquatic Center in Las Vegas in 2009.  Jennifer was born and raised in Hawaii.  Kathi has been teaching swimming since college in California.  Jennifer has been trained by Kathi from an early age and has been teaching with her since high school.  Both have a competitive swimming background and have a great passion for teaching children.  Kathi and Jennifer have over 50 years combined teaching experience.  They have personally taught thousands of children with great success.  Kathi and Jennifer were instrumental in developing learn to swim programs for several public and private schools in Hawaii.  Hundreds of school children were taught the importance of pool and ocean safety and life long swimming skills, enabling them to enjoy and participate in Hawaii's ocean activities.  Kathi and Jennifer enjoy teaching swimmers of all ages from infants to seniors.  They were well known in Hawaii for their proven teaching techniques, preparing children for competitive swimming and specializing in parent/toddler classes.  Teaching swimming is their specialty and they look forward to teaching the children of Las Vegas.