Water Safety Tips


Four thousand people drown every year in the United States and another 12 to 16 thousand will survive as near drowning victims with severe brain damage.  According to the National Institute of Health about 1500 children drown each year in the United States.  Most infants drown in bathtubs and toddlers in swimming pools.  Drowning ranks as the leading cause of accidental death for children under 4 years of age and is the second leading cause of accidental death in the United States among children ages 14 years and under.  In Clark County in 2006 80% of drownings were children ages 4 years and younger.  Drowning is preventable using good water safety practices.

Never leave children, swimmers or non swimmers alone near a pool or any body of water.  Babies can drown in a bucket of water or a toilet.

Have an alarm installed on your doors and windows that lead to the pool.  Make sure doors are locked at all times and children can not unlock them.

Any caregiver should be able to swim, know CPR, and understand the importance of proper supervision around water.

Have a child protective fence around your pool and hot tub.

Keep chairs and toys away from the pool fence where the children can use them to climb over the fence.

Don't leave balls and toys inside the pool area-as the children will want to climb in to play with them.

No glass containers around the pool.

Never swim during thunder and lightning storms.

Never dive in shallow water.

Always have a phone and emergency numbers poolside.

Children are never drown-proof, even if they are good swimmers.  An adult needs to be in attendance at all times.

Inflatable devices are no substitute for adult supervision.

Teach your children about pool safety.

Don't jump into the pool to save a victim unless you have been trained.  Throw them something to hold onto for assistance until help arrives.

No running or horseplay.

Don't have any electrical appliances near the pool.

Enroll your children in a reputable swim school and give your children the "gift of life".