Aloha Aquatic Center's Kathi and Jennifer MacDonald have been our children's swimming instructors for 13 years.  Our son who is now 18, took lessons with the MacDonalds for about 5 years from age 4 to 9 years.  Many years after ending lessons with Aloha Aquatic's  he was complemented by his middle and high school PE teachers on how perfect his swimming strokes were.  Our daughter took lessons from 15 months old until they left Hawaii when she was 10 years old.  She is eager to start swimming and playing water polo for her school.  In Hawaii where we are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, it is imperative that our children learn how to swim.  We are confident that both our children can swim well enough to save themselves should there be an emergency in the water.  We personally know of one little girl who took lessons from Kathi and Jennifer who saved another child from drowning in a swimming pool.  Aloha Aquatic Center was one of the top swim schools in Hawaii, if not the best and we miss them dearly!
Jon and Karen Peterman


Hi...my name is James.  My wife Ediza and I enrolled our daughter Jaedi when she was 15 months old with Miss Jennifer and Miss Kathi at Aloha Aquatic Center here in Hawaii.  At first it was the Parent and Child class where either my wife or myself would be in the pool with Jaedi doing the various exercises.  By the following year, Jaedi was without us in the pool and improving her stamina and technique thanks to the great rapport and trust Miss Jennifer and Miss Kathi have with their students.  When it was time for Miss Jennifer and Miss Kathi to leave for Las Vegas, Jaedi was swimming the length of the pool with ease and very confident in her abilities.  We were very sad to see Miss Jennifer and Miss Kathi leave Hawaii...but we know they are helping many other new kids learn to swim.
Aloha and Mahalo! The Tamura's

Kathi and Jennifer- We can' begin to tell you how sad we were to hear you are leaving Hawaii.  Aloha Aquatics has been a part of our lives for 11 years now!  You've guided Hannah from a scared 2 year old/total fear of the water to an accomplished, confident swimmer who's unafraid(and doesn't make her mom afraid) of taking up surfing.  All of our kids have benefited from your firm and caring attitudes- thank you so much for all you've done. 
Kimi and Jack Wong

Thank you so much for all of the years that you shared with us as the best swim coach we could ever ask for.  Your kind heart, permanent smile and goodness will always be remembered. 
Hakiel and Charmane Ahmed