1.  What are the ages that you teach?
We start our parent/toddler classes at one year old. In our experience, we believe this is the optimum age to start young children. We teach all levels, ages 1-100.
2.  How long are your classes and what is the cost?
Classes are 30 minutes long, once a week minimum.  Some children will take two to three times a week. Tuition is billed monthly, please check pricing tab for tuition rates.
3.  What times are your classes offered?
We are open Saturday through Thursday.  We offer classes from 8:00am until 9:00pm on certain days.  We have a wide choice of classes to accommodate everyone's busy schedule.
4.  What is your facility like?
Aloha Aquatic Center has  a beautiful, brand new indoor facility specifically designed for swimming lessons.  The pool is forty feet long by twenty feet wide and is maintained at a constant 90 degrees for student comfort.  Teaching indoors with a warm pool allows children to take swim lessons year round.
5.  How long and how often should my child take lessons?
Your child will obtain optimum results if you are committed to taking lessons until they are strong, competent swimmers.  We recommend once a week on a regular basis for an extended period of time.  This is much more effective than taking ten lessons for two weeks.  Your children need to practice and get comfortable with their new skills.  Swimming is like learning to play the piano or becoming a good soccer player.  It takes hard work, patience, endurance, skill and confidence to become a competent swimmer.  Giving your children the opportunity to learn a life long skill, such as swimming, is truly giving them "A Gift For Life".
6.  How do I register?
If your child is 3 years old or younger, please call our office to register them for our parent/baby class.  We start the babies at one year old.
If your child is over 3 years please come to our facility to have them evaluated by an instructor.  We will have your child get in the water with an instructor for just a few minutes so that we can place them in the appropriate group.  We will have you fill out the paper work and register that day.  Have your child in a swim suit, with hair pulled back ready to swim.  If your child doesn't swim at all, we will just see how comfortable they are.  Please call to schedule for a free assessment.    
7.  Does my child need to wear a swim diaper?
Any child 3 years and younger, whether they are potty trained or not must wear a swim diaper.  It is best to wear a disposable swim diaper with a washable swim diaper over the disposable.  This is to ensure that the pool will stay sanitary for everyone.  Never let your child swim if they have been having diarrhea.
8.  Where do parents sit to watch?
Aloha Aquatic Center has an air-conditioned viewing room for parents, siblings and friends.  For everyone's safety only swimmers are allowed in the pool area.
9.  Tell us about your instructors.
Our instructors are extensively trained in our methodology.  By having all instructors using the same method, your children will be able to change classes and teachers without losing any of their stroke technique.  All of them are dedicated, professional and caring teachers.  Our goal at Aloha Aquatic Center is to have every child love swimming for life.
10. How fast will my child learn to swim?
Every child learns at their own pace.  Your child's progress depends on their coordination, comfort level in the water, proper attitude and practice time.  The more a child practices, the faster they will learn how to swim.  Parents need to realize some children will struggle and take a long time to learn certain skills, while others will learn quickly.  Don't feel frustrated with your child, as every student learns at their own pace. Every child is capable of learning how to swim. 
11. Should I stop lessons if my child cries?
Some children will cry, but it should not last for more than five lessons.  Parents need to be encouraging and positive, letting the child know that swimming is fun and the instructors are there to help them.  Parents should remember that their goal of having their child take swimming lessons is to become water-safe.  Our instructors are experienced and trained in handling nervous children.
12. Should we take swimming lessons year round?
Yes.  We have the perfect facility to teach children in a comfortable, warm, indoor pool.  In our experience, children that only take a few months each summer do not retain the skills they learned and have to repeat everything the following summer without much progress.  Consistent instruction will offer students the most benefit to building life long swimming skills.  Children who continue taking lessons year round will become confident, strong swimmers.
13. My child can dog paddle across our home pool.  Does he still need to take lessons?
Yes.  Dog paddling does not mean your child is water-safe.  We do  not consider a child water-safe until they have mastered the basic swimming strokes and can confidently swim several hundred yards.