I drive from Henderson to take my son swimming at Aloha Aquatic Center.  We have been with Kathi and Jennifer from day one when they opended in Las Vegas in November of 2008.  When my two older sons were young, they took lessons at various other "learn to swim" programs around town but we are very happy now to have found Aloha Aquatic Center. 
The facility is clean and immaculate, the water temperature is a comfortable 90 degrees which is so important in making young children feel comfortable, and the water is a state of the art salt system as opposed to harsh chemical methods like chlorine.
I like that both Kathi and Jennifer are both former swimmers with numerous years of swim team experience.  A lot of learn to swim places are taught by lifeguards who are teenagers without the years of teaching and knowledge of working with kids of all ages that Kathi and Jennifer bring with them.  I like that we have a consistent teacher every lesson, month after month.  At many other places, you never know who is going to show up on any given day and it can be a problem, especially with very young children.
Being born and raised in Hawaii myself, I must say that Kathi and Jennifer have done an excellent job in bringing the islands to Las Vegas not only in decor, but more importantly in their attitude, personality, and spirit.
Mahalo Nui Loa Kathi and Jennifer,
Myra-Joy (and Rylan) Miao


Aloha Aquatics is THE NEW WAVE in the dynamics of swimming!
In the past eight months, my daughters Taylor who is seven years old & Ashley who is five have progressed from splashing around in a pool to swimming in a pool, confident in their ability to stay afloat above and below water. Taylor, has advanced to learning new strokes and breathing control, and Ashley is swimming like a fish. The instructors at Aloha Aquatics are professional and knowledgeable and have mastered the knack of making their classes fun. My children look forward to seeing them each week, and I am secure in knowing that my children are safe in their hands.

Thank you Miss Jennifer, Miss Brittney and Miss Kathi. I would highly refer you to all my friends and family who are considering swimming lessons for their children.

Our daughters aged 8 and 11 have had numerous swim instructors at various facilities throughout the Las Vegas Valley.  It is our opinion that the instruction at Aloha Aquatic Center has been our best experience.  The maturity and knowledge of their instructor has helped to improve their mastery of the swimming strokes and given them more grace and confidence in the water.  The instruction at this school is geared specifically for the needs of the student.  Thank you Aloha Aquatics Center.
Stan and Belinda Bober

 We LOVE Aloha Aquatic Center!! My 3 year old daughter enjoys telling everyone how much she likes Miss Jennifer and her swimming class.. I HIGHLY recommend anyone who is thinking of putting their child into swimming classes to come here!! Jennifer and Preslee Boyd

I can't say enough good things about Kathi and Jennifer of Aloha Aquatic Center.  From the moment we walked in the door to inquire about lessons we knew we were in the right place.  We started our 2 daughters, Jamie (4 yrs old) and Camden (23 months) at Aloha in March 2009.  Our oldest, Jamie had gone to another swim school as well as having had private lessons at our home.  She was still deathly afraid of going under water and within 2 sessions of working with Jennifer she is not only putting her face in the water but swimming under water and diving to the bottom to pick up rings.  She is so happy and proud of herself.  My youngest, Camden is swimming under water and coming up to the surface with the biggest smile I have ever seen.  We have a pool in our backyard and even though it is fenced I can't tell you the piece of mind we now have knowing our girls can swim.  We plan on spending many years with Kathi and Jennifer.
Thank you,
Denise, Deanna, Jamie and Camden

I have been taking my daughter to Aloha aquatics since she was 1, 9 months later we still love going every week! From the first class she had a blast! The classes are the perfect size to have the kids bond & play, yet feel like your child has plenty spotlight time. It's amazing what she has learned at her age. Jennifer knows how to handle toddlers amazingly, to see my daughter already learning to roll over and learn to float, swim under water, and find the stairs in a pool is great! Not only is Jennifer great, but the facility is so clean, my daughter loved the decorations for every holiday they had set up, and Kathi is always up front to help us with any scheduling concerns I may have, understanding how busy life is with a toddler:). You guys not only make class fun, but teach my daughter life saving tips for the pool I know she'll carry on as she progresses! Thanks for making her swim lessons fun for her and I both! ~ Harley and Casey

Aloha Aquatic Center is the best. They offer a great facilty that is clean and beautiful! The instructors are the best! They are knowledgable and have excellent skills in working with children of all ages and levels.  Melissa King

I'm so lucky to have found Aloha Aquatic Center!! My daughter has been going there for about a year and she has improved sooo much!! she loves it there and so do I. Great teachers!! Thank you Jennifer and Kathi for being so committed. 

Cynthia Stauss

We love Aloha Aquatic Center. The instructors control the students better than the teachers at school. There is no fooling around, just fun filled learning. I see more knowledge transfer for the dollar than in any other kids class. The salt water pool is a huge plus. No bleached dry hair!

Bill Daniels

We are delighted with the experience we have had with Aloha. Everything is organized and runs smoothly and on time. Jennifer is a great encourager. Our daughter's confidence and skill has risen dramatically. I would give Aloha my highest recommendation!

Cynthia Leigh Dubre Scholl

Aloha Aquatic's is AWESOME!!! My daughter has been taking lesson's for about a year now and she LOVES it!! I also take water aerobics which is fantastic!! Jennifer is the BEST!!!!

Lisa Dixon

My daughter absolutely LOVES going to swimming lessons here. Before we started, she did not want to put her face in the water. Now that she has moved on from the parent/toddler class, she will put her face in and even go underwater on her own. The instructors are all very kind, patient and friendly. This is a great place to learn to swim!

Alyssa Richardson
Absolutely the best swimming lessons in Las Vegas. We have been taking our daughter to Aloha for about two years now. From a little two year old who didn't want to put her face in the water...now, Morgan can swim almost the full length of the pool. Two points are worth mentioning: (1) our daughter LOVES her lessons; she looks forward to "swimming day!" She has a blast!; (2) Every instructor is wonderful, patient, friendly, and absolutely SKILLED. This isn't a place where kids just learn to blow bubbles and splash around. These teachers have their methods down and your child will truly learn to swim. I could not recommend Aloha more highly!

Suzanne Dolembo Warren

Our 5-year-old son is taking lessons at Aloha Aquatic Center.  Since he began, we've noticed a big improvement in his overall confidence in the water.  He loves coming to swim lessons and we love the clean facility, convenient lesson times and friendly staff.  Kathi, Jennifer and their team do a great job and we wouldn't hesitate recommending Aloha Aquatic Center to anyone in Las Vegas, who is looking for a great place for their kids to learn how to swim.

 The Wyrschs