Group Lessons: 30 minute classes.  Limit 5 students per class.  Students are registered by age and ability.  Group lessons are recommended for children that are comfortable putting their face in the water, they must be able to listen to instructions and work well with their peers.

Private Lessons: 15 minute classes.  Private lessons are recommended for any child or adult with a fear of the water.  We would recommend a minimum of twice a week for private lessons.

Parent/Toddler Lessons: 30 minute classes for ages 1 to 3.  This class is designed to help your child learn to enjoy the water and socialize with other children their age.  We will teach parents how to work with their children on basic swimming skills such as kicking, blowing bubbles, floating: but most of all having fun and learning to be comfortable in the water.  In our experience children under two have a difficult time adjusting to a stranger handling them in the pool.  It is much more fun for them to be held by mom or dad and very rewarding for the parents to teach their children.  Every child under 3 years old must wear a swim diaper in the water whether they are potty trained or not. 

Water Aerobic Lessons: 60 minute classes.  Water aerobic classes are offered for adults who want a great resistance workout without putting stress on your joints.  The benefits received by water exercise are recommended by many doctors.  We offer classes for all shapes, sizes and abilities.  Classes are offered on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30pm - 8:30pm. 
How to Register:
To place your child in the appropriate class we have every student over the age of 3 come to our center to be evaluated.  Please call to schedule an assessment time.  The evaluation is free and will only take a few minutes.  Please have your children in their suits and hair pulled back ready to swim.  At this time you will fill out all of the necessary paper work. 
Any child under the age of 3 will be placed in a parent/toddler class.  Please call our office to register for the parent/toddler class.

Lesson Rates: There is a $20.00 registration fee per family per year.

Group Lessons:
     30 minutes per class/tuition paid monthly 
     $15.00 per class

Private Lessons:
     15 minute per class/tuition paid monthly
     $22.00 per class

Parent/Toddler Lessons:
     30 minutes per class/tuition paid monthly
     $15.00 per class

Water Aerobic Lessons:
     60 minutes per class/tuition paid monthly
     $7.00 per class

Tuition is due at time of registration.  Students can register for as many classes per week as desired.  We are open Saturday through Thursday with a flexible class schedule to accommodate everyone's busy schedule.  Classes are continuous and tuition is billed monthly unless we are notified on the 15th of the month preceding when you want to discontinue.