Welcome to Aloha Aquatic Center.  We relocated from Hawaii to Las Vegas in 2009. Aloha Aquatic Center is conveniently located in Northwest Las Vegas. We are happy to provide organized and fun swim lessons for students of all ages and abilities.  The students will enjoy learning and participating in planned lessons.  Aloha Aquatic Center will also be offering water aerobic classes for all levels, shapes and sizes.

Our beautiful, indoor pool is kept at a comfortable 90 degrees so that your children will not be cold.  Teaching indoors keeps your children protected from the harmful sun-rays and harsh winds, allowing your children to participate in lessons year round.  The pool is made specifically to accommodate young children and not intimidate them with a huge body of water.  We also offer a climate controlled viewing area for parents. 

Aloha Aquatic Center's goal as swim instructors is to enable every child to learn to be a competent, strong swimmer.  Every child learns at a different pace, some can go from a total beginner to competitive swimming after one year of lessons while others may take three years, depending on their age and ability.  We will encourage your child to learn to swim as fast as possible with the proper strokes.  Learning should be an enjoyable process thus allowing every child to reach their potential.

All of the instructors at Aloha Aquatic Center are extensively trained in our methodology, and are professional and caring teachers.  Your children will learn to swim in a nurturing, fun environment that will help them become lifelong swimmers.  Swimming lessons are often one of the first structured lessons that a child has working with a teacher.  We will do everything possible to ensure that their swimming lessons are a positive experience.

Drowning is the leading cause of death for children under 5 years old. Accidental drownings are preventable. Teaching your children water safety greatly reduces the risk of drowning.  Come join Aloha Aquatic Center and give your children the "Gift of Life"!

Aloha Aquatic Center
3990 North Tenaya Way
Las Vegas, NV 89129
Phone 702-396-2947

Hours: Aloha Aquatic Center is open Saturday through Thursday.